Website Security Certificates

What is a Website Security Certificate?

Also, called an SSL, this works to encrypt data which is transferred from your website to another location. For example, credit card payments must be processed over a secure connection, to ensure no one can intercept confidential information.

How do you know if you have an SSL?

There are a few ways to tell. The easiest is in your url, just look for an https:// at the beginning (See the Image Below). If you don’t see this, it is possible your site is not secure.

sample secure url

If you have an e-commerce platform, such as BigCommerce, the platform will usually provide a shared SSL to allow your customers to have a secure checkout, however, it is still beneficial to purchase your own certificate. Shoppers often look for the https://, shared SSL’s are only there to secure critical checkout pages. This means your site may appear insecure.

When is an SSL required?

If you accept information on your website, which is confidential beyond a standard contact form, adding an SSL is suggested. This means employment applications, credit card payments, donation forms, background checks, etc. The SSL will protect your customer’s information from attackers, who may intercept the information as it is transmitted.

SSL’s and SEO

Security Certificates are also recognized by search engines. This means adding an SSL to your website can improve your search ranking.

A Few Last Notes

If you process payments through a third party provider, such as Paypal, customers are redirected off of your site to send credit card information, which means their information will be secured. However, it will still protect any information accepted through your contact form.

Stay safe out there!

We are currently offering SSL certificate and installation for $150, this is a 1-year certificate. Contact us to schedule an update for your website!