The New Face of Video Craft Productions

Hello there, we are just getting our blog started here. We would like to give you some facts/tips/updates relevant to what we are working on and hope to help your business as well. Thanks for joining!

To get going, we are going to look at a site we recently overhauled. We have had a long relationship with Video Craft Productions, and have worked in tandem on several projects in the past. When Scott Gray, founder of Video Craft Productions, told us they were looking to massively overhaul their image, we excited to help them.

Scott told us, he wanted a website that would match the image needed for a company in the media industry and trust me it makes web developers/designers drool, when they hear a client say “we want an awesome website, and it doesn’t need to work on IE8″. Scott told us he had a vision, gave us a simple image, and explained he was to be the new focus of the business. We even discussed a one-page website, or essentially a landing page, I will discuss how we addressed this later on. However we handled it, simplicity was key.

Client Vision:

  • Simple, modern website
  • Responsive design that is easy to use
  • Make an impact with a central focus on Scott
  • Shows the company’s history of working with high profile companies
  • Optimize the site for SEO
  • Utilizes this featured image (Provided by VCP)


VCP was giving their business a brand and a face. This is important, because your customers need to recognize who you (and your business) are and what you do in order to build a good client relationship. In other words, don’t sell something you are not, because the people who find you won’t want your product. Okay, back to topic.

Our job, in this case, was to bring their vision to fruition, but keep the future and manageability in mind while helping to generate clients from search traffic. Here is where that one page website idea dies. To build an online presence, you need content, relevant, updated, entertaining content. Being that a landing page is limited in its content, this was clearly not going to work. How do we keep the one page feel with a menu? Meet the sticky menu (as we fondly call it).


This little guy, hangs out at the bottom or side (as on App Studios) and means the website can still have easily accessible pages and a blog, without link stuffing or breaking the impact of the home page. The VCP menu, sticks to the bottom of the page and features the all-important social media and contact links. Combined with an accordion open action, it gives VCP the streamline simplicity without breaking up the impact.

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