Bootstrap 5 Alpha is here!

You knew it was coming.  All good things must come to an end.  Even with the improvements that made Bootstrap 4 leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor, Bootstrap 3, you knew the day would come when Bootstrap 4 would no longer be the successor.

“lookf, amf alphm woof nowm”

That’s right, Bootstrap 5 Alpha is here to claim its rightful place as head of the Bootstrap Pack.

Okay, crummy analogy aside, Bootstrap 5 really does appear to be another win for the Bootstrap framework.  It’s clear their focus was to make this version more powerful and customizable, while also putting it on a diet.  Now I know you’re skeptical, but let me explain how:

No Longer Supporting Internet Explorer


Before you think anything else, NO, that is not too harsh. But that rant is for a different time. I think this change makes me the happiest of all the changes simple because it solidifies that Internet Explorer is finally being killed off. Stop being a cave-hermit, please upgrade your browser.

The Switch from jQuery to Vanilla JS

Sorry jQuery, we are over… It’s you, not me.

Bootstrap cinched it’s straps tight, gave a swift boot to jQuery’s hindquarters and celebrated with some pure, sugar-free vanilla JavaScript.  jQuery is a library that is built with JavaScript and provides powerful functionality without having to write a lot of ‘advanced’ JavaScript code. 

But like everything in the world, it comes at a cost: extra overhead. Since jQuery has to be loaded in with all your other resources, it can lead to slower load times for your websites. 

Breaking away from jQuery and moving toward a combination of JavaScript and CSS3 effects and animations, they succeed not only in making it more lightweight but also more powerful and customizable. They hit the trifecta with one well-aimed boot!

Easier Theming

I’ll take the simple version migration with a side of easy theming, please and thank you.

Yep, since there were far fewer syntax changes from version 4 to 5, backward compatibility will be much better and make the migration more like a walk outside than hiking Mt. Everest. They also put a focus on making it easier to theme Bootstrap and choose only the parts you want. I think we all can agree that Bootstrap’s palette isn’t all that palatable for most other projects that want their own custom colors.

Boot loads of other changes coming too.

Between updating their documentation to features like Off-Canvas elements (like menus that slide in from the side), Bootstrap 5 has many more amazing features and updates not described here. I’ve listed the ones I’m most excited about, but you should definitely check out Bootstrap’s blog with all tasty details on Bootstrap 5 Alpha. Remember, Bootstrap 5 is in its Alpha release, so it is still in production and being worked on. If you have a side project though, now’s the time to try it and find all the bugs! I know I will be 😀

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